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Like magic


Perfect products need a perfect packaging. That is why Stabinger has always paid as much attention to the packaging of the products as to the production of cakes and pies itself.
Computer-operated detectors
Highly sensitive computer-operated detectors track even the tiniest foreign particles and sort them out. The weight is checked accurately to within a gram. Labels with date of expiry are fixed in a precise and readable way.
Today we dispose of ideal, patented packaging solutions in our headquarter in Sexten/Sesto. The fully-automated machine guarantees a hygienically flawless preservation.
Stabinger packaging
Original Stabinger packaging is surely an eye-catcher as well as easy to open and reclose. It is obviously 100% recyclable but you can also use it perfectly as a storage container for food or other things.
a transparent packing showing the product
re-closable, re-usable, re-cyclable
Brand recognition
high customer recognition thanks to the exceptional packaging
solid packaging for a secure transport
Stays fresh
keeps the products fresh
Stabinger cakes
Our packaging is fully automatic. Out from the cooling tunnel, the cakes are packed mechanically – completely hygienic, without being touched by anyone.

We are very proud of our Europe-wide patented packaging: A transparent dome covers our cakes in a lovely way and protects them perfectly.

The packaging can be opened easily and the sweet cakes always remain in the same tasty shape.

Big plus: The patented box can be used in many different ways and is completely recyclable!
  • made with first-class and fresh ingredients
  • baked respecting the refined Stabinger recipe
  • best quality workmanship
  • packed conveniently and in accordance to the highest hygiene standards